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I know that Boxing Day means nothing in the scheme of an American Xmas, but it's actually a pretty cool extension to it.
It's another day to visit if yesterday's schedule was too full to make the complete rounds.
Or one more chance to relax and do nothing after the insanity of the holiday.
I'm gonna do a little grocery shopping today and maybe watch a film tonight.
Next week ends with the most pressure a supposedly joyous and hopeful event can put on a person.
New Year's Eve.
It's never been one of my favorites.
Even Hook never played on NYE, even tho those gigs could be real moneymakers.
It's just too weird and fraught with alcohol fueled emotion for absolutely no real reason other than a tradition we made up.
At 11:59:50 we begin the countdown to what we swear will be a better year.
Is it any wonder people give up on their resolutions after a few weeks, if they even last that long?
"Well, New Year's Eve didn't keep it's promise, so why should I?"
And the real question is "Who the hell asked you to make any?".
And the answer is YOU!
It was all for you.
They were designed to give you impetus to improve yourself.
So, when did that become a bad idea?
And why couldn't you have made that decision back on, say, July 15th, when the pressure was off and whoever we think is watching wasn't at the big screen yet?
Anyway, this, like every NYE, will be spent with a couple of people I love that make my life worth living every day and won't feel obliged to become even more wonderful at 12 o'clock.

If you're out today, be safe.
If you're at home, still do be careful.
You know where they say most accidents happen!
I'm starting to sound like Fox News. ~


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