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Bright and sunny.
Birds are singing.
Might not last but I'll take it while it's here.
Hope everyone made it thru Xmas unscathed.
Is that even possible?
There's still time to push it tho.

Sharpen your battle axe, swing to win
The post-Xmas sales are about to begin

Any warm, joyous occasion holds the potential for disaster.

May you love the gifts you were given
Straight from Santa's sack
Or, at least, let's hope that you don't get killed
Trying to take them back

Know what really gets on my nerves?
Singers who try to 'soul out' on Xmas songs.
I can live without an assault of 'blue' notes on my 'ba-rum-pa-bum-bum's, thank you.
Simple, lovely melodies that have certainly stood the test of time need little done to them but annunciation of the lyrics.
You don't have to go nuts trying to make them mean more than they already do.
As one of the most enduring of them all says 'Though it's been said many times, many ways...Merry Christmas to you'.
That's it.
Doesn't matter now many times you've heard the sentiment.
Just have to say it.
We all know how much weight it carries and how sincere it's intended to be.

Well, sun's still out.
Who am I to tempt the hand of fate? ~


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