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I just want to refer back to te subject of Black Friday before I move on.
I watched part of a video on YouTube showing people 'shopping' on that day in various stores around the world.
The human race should be ashamed of itself.
This isn't a world issue that people can't see eye to eye on.
This is insanity, violence, greed and cruelty, condoned and sponsored by the blackhearted bastards that open their doors and let the animals rush in and do what they will, and all in a desperate effort get a f8cking toaster for a few bucks less.
It really is sad to watch.
If I thought there was anyone or anything to answer to I'd be embarrassed for the entire species.
As it is I can only say good luck to us all.
If it truly is a sign of the end of civilisation as we knew it whatcha gonna do with another toaster, loser???
And, so it is...

Another bleak day out there.
I spend so much time deliberating over whether I should even bother getting bundled up and braving the windy wetness just to have an inferior cup of tea than I can make here at home and sit and read in a overly bright, noisily manic coffee shop.
The push/pull comes from not wanting to just sit here until the sun goes down
I always feel better if I go out and walk.
It's the rain blowing against my window like I'm on an perilous ocean voyage that gives me pause.

I did a really interesting, uplifting, off-beat kind of thing yesterday.
It was an experience I enjoyed very much that I hope will bring a positive result.
Of course, if it turns out that it doesn't go anywhere it won't be worth mentioning.
Another of those totally ON or completely OFF situations.
I'm pretty confident that I'll be telling (and showing) you all about it soon.
If I wasn't I wouldn't have brought it up.
Forgive me in advance for being a tease if it I'm wrong.

I think I'm getting suited up and wandering out.
Probably two, maybe three more hours of sunlight as it is.
But, wait! There hasn't been much all day anyway. ~


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