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Yesterday was the 7th, a day that would 'live in infamy', according to US President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt.
He was talking, of course, about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, carried out without warning, or at least none that were heeded.
That was in 1941.

So, my New Zealand dates made their way on to a few of the social media pages before they showed up on mine.
I absolutely hate that but there seems to be no way to avoid it sometime.
I think it happens because we have a good many things to concern ourselves with in the planning of a tour.
The work and thought starts long before I'm comfortable bringing it up my hopes and dreams and, because I've had to take back a few things over the years, I'm as skittish as a cat when it comes to jumping the gun on information.
Actually, more things seem to stick these days and I believe it's down to the way it's initially addressed and followed up on.
Time was I would hear, in the wind, that something might be coming up.
I would enquire later as to the state of play and sometimes be told that it had fallen out a while back.
Frustrating, but, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, my fault.
I was willing to let things be handled for me and that could result in me not knowing where I stood.
I can't count the times I've sat on the sofa, book in my lap or DVD player on pause, staring at the wall, wondering and worrying about what had or was about to become of me.
The immigration issue was a particularly horrendous experience.
Suddenly, at 62, to not know where I was 'allowed' to reside was about as unsettling a situation as I ever remember being in.
One day I was living and working happily in the UK and the next I was being asked who I was and what the hell I was doing here.
It was even more depressing to have to admit to attorneys and government officials that I had no fucking idea why I was in the position I was in.
I will never be that far back in the shadows of my own life again.

Sunny day out there today.
It's best I get out in it for awhile.

More tour stuff will be posted in the coming weeks.
And the merch page, where folks can buy CDs and cartoon prints directly from our site, is very close to being a reality.
We might not have gotten it up in time to fill anyone's holiday needs, but, once it's in place, there it will stay.


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