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Speaking of a day that will live in infamy, 34 years ago today John Lennon was senselessly murdered outside his apartment building in NYC.
Even the asshole that did it isn't quite sure why.
I was completely torn up by the act.
Still feel it deeply.
I've posted about where I was the night I heard about it somewhere on this site.
Not gonna go into again, except to say I couldn't have been with a colder, less sympathetic person.
Someone with iced piss instead of blood running thru their veins.
I would venture a guess that quality hasn't changed.
Probably even worsened.
Fortunately, it's just a highly educated guess, as I have the extreme pleasure of not knowing firsthand.

Looks like another sunny day out there.
Trying to lull us into a false sense of security when we all know it's gonna be bitter soon.
Hey, I'm heading up North in March, so frost be damned.

Hope everyone is well and happy.
I still have some crud residue in my head and chest, but, fact is, my sinuses have been pretty screwed up my whole life.
Every day, since I was little, I feel like 'normal' people do when they decide to go to a doctor.
Funny I've made my living with my voice, having to breathe for my life.
I believe what I call my disability others call my 'style' or 'sound'.
Talk about working with what you've been given, huh?

OK. I'm gone. ~



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