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OK, let's see.
What can I tell you that might be of at least a little bit of interest to you?

The Australian dates are coming together quickly and we should have them posted relatively soon.
It was a good move on the promoter's part to suggest we take the band down there for a proper tour, even if it has to wait a few months.

I hear we are very much closer to the merch page, but don't hold me to it.
Between the unseen complications in setting up an international payment purchase plan and the delays that life itself presents, it's been a bit of a chore.
Not for me.
I'm busy with other things.
Sam and Claire are the ones dealing with the merchandising stuff and I trust that, if it were simpler, it would be up and running already.

I'm trying to put together a setlist for the band and it's not easy.
There will be a whole lot of Dr Hook material in the show, but I also want to include a few of my more popular solo tracks.
With a band, the days of winging it are over.
The solo shows will have to be where it gets a bit looser, but there won't be many of them in the coming months.
Actually, except for the CBTS! gigs, I can't think of any solo shows on the horizon.

On the 'what I'm absorbing' side of things, I'm coming to the end of the Nilsson book, as well as his body of recorded work.
Not sure what I'll read next.
I'm trying to read all the larger sized books I have while I'm still home and save the more compact ones to take on my travels.
I bought one titled The Bees.
It's about bees.
They say it does for bees what Watership Down did for rabbits.
(Had to go back and double check that I hadn't typed 'rabbis' there!)
Not so sure I'll be able to get into it but it sounds fascinating and a bit off the beaten nonfiction trail I'm usually on.
Also have a book on Orson Welles I bought a couple of years ago, called Rosebud, that might slip easily into my carry on bag.
Been listening to a lot of Willy DeVille, solo and with his band, Mink DeVille.
Very NYC.
Very Brill Building.
Cut from the same cloth as The Drifters, as was Springsteen (but not as bombastic) and Southside Johnny.
Willy was a notorious substance abuser.
I personally witnessed the affects one night at a record launch party in Australia back in the Hook days.
Seemed like just one of many nights the man was never gonna remember.
Great singer/songwriter thru it all tho, right to the end.
No, he's not still with us.
Unfortunate, but not surprising.
If you're interested in earning Willy's estate a few pennies get a copy of Cadillac Walk, a two disc compilation that stretches across his catalog.
It's on Amazon and not very expensive, considering.
There's a two hour documentary on this Saturday night at 10:05, on BBC2, about the Dave Clark Five.
I read some good things about the film, as it's out on DVD with another disc containing two hours of footage, performance clip and interviews.
They say the DC5 were the first group to give The Beatles a run for their money.
That may have been true in the very beginning because they were only the second UK band to get to the US and recv airplay.
They did have a pretty good string of hits but their albums left something to be desired.
Lots of filler and covers in the gaps between the good stuff.
I'm looking forward to the documentary but thinking about springing for the DVD so I can see all the stuff the Beeb won't show on Valentine's Day night.
Ah, yes.
Valentine's Day.
The day that Hallmark Cards designated to give inattentive, guilty husbands a chance to make amends or make things worse.
I say husbands because it's usually them that needs the extra help and woman who love and deserve the extra appreciation.
I don't know any men that would be upset if they didn't get candy or flowers on the day.
And not too many that would remember the day if it wasn't for their wives.
Fucking card company puts extra pressure on relationships, as if they're not difficult enough.
And we all fall right into step.
Hallmark also invented Mothers and Fathers Day, by the way, in case any of you think they were first mentioned in the Bible.
I recall them trying to get a Grandparents Day off the ground in the US back about 25 years ago but it never caught on.
My mother did manage to get a case of the blues when she didn't recv a card from my son that year, however.
Thank goodness they scrapped that moneysucker, huh?

OK, gonna go run a few errands before it gets any darker out there.
Jeez, it's not even 1PM.

Later. ~


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