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Well, the UK tour schedule is complete.
The dates have gone out in the newsletter and rest of the dates will be on the website over this weekend.
I'm anticipating some email expressing disappointment that we're not coming to wherever the sender is sitting and typing.
Without going into the ins and outs of booking a tour and how incredibly difficult tricky it is to confirm specific venues in certain cities on the nights they fit into the rest of your itinerary, I'll just say we really tried to accomodate as many folks as possible.
Handshake with guidance from Adrian did a great job of making it work pretty damned close to what we were hoping for.
Let me also be cheeky as hell and say that the show is well worth traveling to see.
There is another newsletter going in early next week detailing the terms and condtions of attending a meet and greet with me and the band before the show.
This applies to all the concerts on the tour, not just Scotland, as we believe a lot of people may have thought was the case.
Probably because it was first mentioned when the Scottish dates were announced.
Anyway, look for the newsletter.
Or sign up, fer fuck's sake!
Being a subscriber is one of the terms and conditions of eligibilty to attend the pre-show get together.
Yeah, it will all be the newsletter.

Time to go shopping for food and stuff.
Stay warm. ~


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