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It's been awhile since I checked in here.
There is so much going on but most of it is either important but far too uninteresting to relate or too exhausting to sit and relive at the keypad.
That's the very reason I have never successfully kept a diary.
I've tried several times but always abandoned it after a short while because it was boring to sit and go thru it all again at the end of the day.
And for what?
I'm not one who feels that every single thing I do in the course of a day needs to be reported.
It's why I struggle with personal media.
Quite frankly, I've surprised myself with how long I have kept up the tour blogs.
You may have noticed the entries getting briefer and mostly focussing on the shows rather than the bits about traveling, eating and other parts of the day.
They happen every day on the road and it gets more difficult to tell you the same things in different ways.
I've tried visual approaches like the video tour of each dressing room on the UK tour.
I attempted to do a Facebook Live interview a few days ago.
It went OK but we're gonna have to modify the way it's done if it's to happen again..
We just kind of learned what we could about what had to be done and I pressed GO LIVE without really knowing what to expect.
The chat was originally conceived to be almost exclusively for the NZ and Australian audiences we'll be seeing soon but it was pretty much an international free-for-all.
Like I said, we want to do more 'live' stuff like that so we will take what we learned from the last one and push on.
I'll be on Johnnie Walker's show in the next few weeks.
We'll post details when we have them.
Or have we already?
I must start looking at my website more often!
OK! That's me for now.
Lots coming up.
If you don't hear it from me it will reach you anyway.
@TeamDrHook is good like that! ~


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