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Sorry I rushed away the other day.
I just had something I had to address right then.
Nothing horrible.
Just something immediate.
Just as well.
I was starting to rant.

Had an email today from a very chatty woman who, among other things, asked me why I'm 'so private with (my) personal life?.
That's one of those questions that kind of answers itself.
You can go back as far as you want to and find very few examples of me talking about my home life or relationships.
I've never seen it as part of the deal.

Been listening to David Bowie's music, a lot of which I hadn't given more than a quick listen, missing so much depth and nuance.
His last album, Blackstar, certainly does sound like a farewell in many ways, but I'm discovering that death and dying came up an awful lot in Bowie's work.
It was always there in the shadows.
It's not surprising then that he would aesthtically meet his mortality head on when actually faced with the end.
Believe me, I am not going to try and 'figure out' David Bowie.
As a matter of fact, I like the mystery of it all.
Having said that, I would like to read a good biography.
There are a few out there but I think it would probably serve me to wait for a new or at least updated one.

Rainy day, off and on.
I'm gonna see if I can go walk between the showers, if not the drops. ~


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