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I trust by now that many of you have worked out that the website still isn't runnin' proper.
I hope some of you have also figured out and passed along that even tho the page links on the left hand side of the homepage aren't responding you can still navigate to all the pages by clicking on one of the right hand top picture icons, for example, the tour page, and going from there.
Strange I know, but it will have to do for awhile.
The website is taken care of by people and humans have things come up and take precedent over other things and that has been the case here.
I'm going to ring the service provider myself and see what the hell is going on.
In the meantime, the site is still perfectly functional if in a back door kind of way.

The next couple of months are going to be pretty busy, but I'm still waiting to see just what that entails.
This Tuesday night I'll be doing Australian interviews, some press, some radio, from 11pm to about 3am.
The tour's coming up fast and it's time to let them know that I'll be there.
There will be bits of PR to do for the Timeless album too.
I'm waiting for schedules from the radio, TV and press departments.
I reckon most of it will be done in March, around the release of the album on the 10th.
Except for Johnny Walker's radio programme I have no idea what I'll be doing.
A small irony is that even tho I may have a stronger than usual presence in the media this year I won't be around to back it up with a tour.
But I'm looking at it another way which is that it will be good to at least have a media presence since I won't be around to tour.
You know...half full vs half empty.
I figure that however positively you see that glass will be mightily affected by just how thirsty you are.
Being involved in any Hook related project is always a tricky thing for me.
While I've done my best to move forward with my solo work, I've also been very protective of the Dr Hook legacy and have worked to support the promotion of the catalogue. 
I've invested my time in several projects over the years, whenever I thought I could add something to the presentation.
If I can recall, and I'm not talking about dates, here's quick rundown of the projects I saw as worthwhile and took part in -
Even before I gingerly stepped back into the 'biz' fulltime I helped organize the now out of print Pleasure and Pain boxed set.
I wrote a track by track commentary for the package and made a few track suggestions, pointing the label to most of the rare bonus material just sitting, unbeknownst to them, in their vaults.
Several years later came the Dr Hook's Love Songs compilation which also included a brief song by song commentary, I believe, and featured three brand new solo tracks from me (billed as Dennis Locorriere - The Voice of Dr Hook) that the label thought would make this release a little different from all the other 'best ofs' out there.
I also put together a tour, my first in fifteen years, to support the album's release.   
The Hits and History CD/DVD was a project I initiated in 2007 when I felt it was time to introduce or reacquaint audiences with the classic stuff.
We contacted the label and said that if they released a classy compilation I'd put a band together and get the Hits And History Tour on the road.
The album, tour and concert DVD did really well

A few years back BGO Records decided to reissue all the Hook album in multi-album packages.
The first one out was Pleasure and Pain/Sometimes You Win.
I had no involvement in that release, but I got a copy of it and was dismayed to see that what served as liner notes was an age old interview that a journalist had done with me right after the break up of the band.
As you might imagine, I wasn't in the best frame of mind at that point in time and it showed in my comments.
The piece should never have been used in that context.

I contacted BGO and expressed my chagrin at their choice of booklet information, offering them my services on future releases, which they enthusiastically welcomed.
I figured if these sets were going to stand as the ones to buy in the future I would rather they were presented as a big deal - a celebration of the reissue of these classic albums.
I wrote some notes for each one, talking about the songs and giving some insight as to what was going on with the band at the time of each particular release.
And now, there's Timeless, which is a whole other kettle of fish even tho it's not gonna seem like it to some folks.
I'm pleased to say that every one of the projects I've worked on have been successful .
Certainly not because of my involvement - I was just lucky and clever enough to choose the right ones - but because the original work that Dr Hook did, for the most part, still stands solid.
All I did was to help focus the content a bit more than the labels might have been able to do on their own.
Just because they own the rights to the material doesn't necessarily mean they know what to do with it.
Universal did not hesitate to ask me to compile and sequence the forty tracks on Timeless and I was happy for the challenge.
You know, I wonder how many people think I'm paid to do this stuff.
I'm not.

The reward is to see it done with some integrity and quality control and to be closely associated with the music I played a substantial part in making all those years ago.
If there's any money to be made it's in whatever royalties might come in later.
Those are rightfully shared by the very same 'Hook' people that have shared them for decades.

Still waiting on some word about my tentative BBC TV 'backstage special'.
I watched the draft edit and really liked it (if you can believe that!!!) which, alone, makes me think it will never see the light of a TV screen.
I'm wondering if my media presence for Timeless might make it a bit more logical and cohesive to the powers that be.
I might know something relatively soon.

OK. 3:15am.
More when there is more. ~



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