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I was uncharacteristically going to try and sleep a little later today.
Went to bed around 4am, like normal.
Woke up around 8 and thought 'Eh, what the hell?' and pulled the covers up around my shoulders.
Cue the asshole with the leaf blower.
For about 75 minutes, this guy must have blown leaves from one side of the property to the other.
All on my side of building and pretty much right under my window.
The racket never diminished so I could tell he wasn't moving away.
Enlighten me here.
Is the mission to blow the leaves away, into piles or just to attack them with air until they become fucking DUST???
To me, and I have no formal knowledge of leaf management, it seems to be the latter.
Anyway, like any bad sitcom pilot, I could hear the grinding sound getting fainter as I gave up and put my feet on the floor.
No matter.
It's a sunny day, at least now and then, so I will head out, find a quiet place to have tea and read awhile.
I usually have to remind myself whenever my schedule gets loose like this that it will eventually get crazy again and I'll long for a few hours, hell, minutes, here and there.
So, now that I have that time I should not guilt myself about being 'lazy'.'.
I could fall back on the writer's defense and say that even when I'm staring out the window I'm still working.

Enjoy the weekend.
They say it's gonna get brutally cold.
Luuuuuuuuvly. ~


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