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Inhave to say that I've already seen enough cold, dark, gloomy days this year.
I also know that it's probably only really begun.
And I'm heading north next month.
There is so much to do and these days, when it gets dark as midnight before four in the afternoon, kind of make me feel like I'm being cheated out the time to do it.
We're still on the 24 hour plan so, logically, I know that's nonsense.
I guess it's my motivation that gets dampened by the gloom.
Hands up who's doesn't!
It will be late summer/early fall when we arrive in New Zealand.
And the beginning of summer when we return to the UK.
It's good practice living here, where the weather tends to change a few time a day.

Heading into London later this evening to attend the media launch of a charity event I alluded to a few posts back.
It's been kept under wraps but I assume it will be OK to announce after tonight.
I mean, hell!
That's what a media launch is for.

The 'extra' date on the CBTS run was one that was supposed to happen, then looked like it wouldn't and then, did.
Backstage At The Green Hotel is a cool, intimate listening room, run by David Mundell.
David has been associated with several classy venues over the years, like The Bein Inn and Lathone's.
His gigs have always been favorites of traveling musicians because David's love for the music itself shows in so many ways.
It will be nice to back at the Green Hotel.

Leaving for London in a few hours.
Nothing really to do, but I get such a knee jerk reaction whenever I have to do anything that pertains to my work these days.
Tonight's meet and greet is simply to let the media know that the event is on and, hopefully, to get their support and coverage.
But it has me feeling like I'm going to a gig.
My mind has even gone to packing a bag, fer f*ck's sake!
Pavlov was on to something.

OK, that's it until it isn't. ~



Posts: 2,082
Ah, what the hell?!?!?
It's already on Google.
For details of the not so 'secret' London gig, go here: http://www.leadbellyfest.com.
I'll leave it to them to announce the lineup.
Hint: I'm one of them!
Sssssssshhhhhhhhh... ~


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