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I haven't been out for more than a few hours this week.
That was on Wednesday when I had tea with my mate, Tom.
I've either been busy or the weather has not been inviting enough.
Yesterday I had someone coming to take final measurements for the installation of double glazed windows.
The appointment was scheduled for 2pm.
I fully intended to get out once he'd gone, but he didn't show up until 4.
By the time he left it was dark and a lot colder so I just stayed in.
Doesn't look great today either but I'm getting a bit stir-crazy now.

Been waiting to hear the new Bowie album.
It was supposed to arrive yesterday but it didn't.
Lately Amazon have been way ahead of schedule on their deliveries.
Things arrive days, in some cases, weeks before the suggested arrival date.
I ordered Black Star about 3 weeks ago.
I thought maybe they were out of stock because of Bowie's passing but HMV has loads of them.
Should have grabbed one.

We should be finalizing the UK tour schedule very soon.
We did our best to get everywhere, or at least close enough.
Everybody is touring these days and the venues have their hands full trying to slot shows in.
When you're attempting to coordinate that with dozens of other dates, in venues that all have the same concerns, it gets a bit tricky.
Hence the staggered announcements.
Routing between gigs is crucial.
You can't be in Scotland one night, down south the next and in the Midlands the day after that.
Well, you can, but it would border on insanity.
Our tour partners, Handshake Ltd, have done an extraordinary job of helping us put together a schedule that makes sense.
The next endeavor will be the PR stuff.
Deep breaths.

I've never been one of those Monday dreading people because my life has not necessarily been based on the work week calendar.
Most of my gigs are on weekends or the later part of the week and mostly in the evenings.
Even in the theatre Monday is traditionally the 'dark' day.
I am a bit more susceptible to having a moan at the beginning of a new week these days (Let's call it Moanday, shall we?) because everyone I deal with is on the Mon-Fri grid.
There have been a great many changes in the way things work around here in the past few years.
Some have probably been evident to everyone, some maybe not so much.
As you get older you become more and more resistant to change.
They say your comfort zone shrinks considerably.
I find myself standing on one foot, like a flamingo, a lot of the time trying to fit into mine, taking care to stay the fuck out of my own way.
Change is difficult, especially after decades of a repetitive pattern.
There have been too many situations where I found that I was the one blocking the entrance to my progress.
You know the adage - If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you always got.

Well, if I wait for the sun to come out before I look up I will spend all my time contemplating the ground.
Time to make a move.
Enjoy the weekend. ~


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