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Don't you just love the internet?
As some of you may have noticed the website has been more or less down for the last day or so.
It seems the guestbook and my blog are accessible, probably because they are on a different server.
Anyway, we're working to get it resolved.
In the meantime, you haven't really missed anything.
The weather has sucked and nothing much has gone on.
I will be starting the Australian PR soon, i.e. radio, press and possibly TV stuff.
Waiting to hear what Universal has for me to do by way of promotion for the new Hook compilation.
It will be called Timeless.
Seeing as how people talk to me every day as if Hook is an ongoing concern I think it's a more than appropriate title.
Forty tracks, taking in our whole recording career.
I'm sure some will have favorites that aren't on it, but, just like with my shows, you can't play 'em all, folks.
Today, February 7th 2014, marks 50 years since The Beatles landed in New York and changed the course of musical history, as well as plenty of other aspects of life.
With any luck the website will be back in top shape soon.
Thanks for your patience.
Sometimes it's our only choice. ~


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