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It's one those days when I cannot decide whether to roost or to roam
I'm too friggin' lazy to go for a walk, too restless to lay around home

There is no end to that poem because I still have no idea what to do.
It's made all the more confusing by the fact that every time I look out the window it appears to be a whole newday in a different season.
See...this is what happens when people ask why I don't do a daily blog.
I start thinking that maybe I should.
And then I type some riveting shit like I just did and the reason I don't comes flooding back to me.
Ah well, at least it started with a rhyme.
When I was in school I always got good marks in penmanship even when the content of what I wrote was nonsense.
I can't even change the font on this functional little iPad so, in this case, it's all in the content.

We all realize that the Australian dates are just sitting on the tourpage, screaming ON SALE SOON!!!
The truth is a good news/bad news thing, with the good news being a whole lot better than the bad news sucks, if you know what I mean.
We were going to try and slip in a few Aussie dates with the new band while we were in that hemisphere, so the promoters secured the half dozen that are on the schedule now.
As quite a few people were quck to mention, the shows did not extend to as many territories as my last visit and many folks were disappointed, so it was decided that the Australian tour should be moved to the fall of this year with at least twice as many gigs as we were gonna do after New Zealand.
A proper Aussie tour with the band instead of just a geographically convenient quick hop over.
Much better!
The dates are being confirmed now and we should have the schedule fairly soon.
Forgive me for leaving the currently posted dates on the itinerary.
It was suggested to me that we take them down as soon as we realized what we were going to do, but it was my call to leave them in place.
I just felt it was better to have folks anticipating something that is going to happen even if it moves by a few months than to have it just disappear from the tourpage with no explanation.
If the whole idea of touring OZ would have been scrapped those dates would have been axed quickly.
As it was, I was waiting for confirmation that it was just a time shuffle before I said anything.
We have no booking details yet but we will soon.

Still not sure what I'm going to do but a shower can't hurt even if I end up sitting on the sofa, reading.
So, that's what's next.
Exciting, no?
Daily blog?
Hi folks.
Today I woke up.
Everything else was gravy. ~


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