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Only made it as far as the supermarket yesterday.
And then to another one today.
They didn't have a few things I needed at the first one.
I say needed, but I really mean wanted.
I could have happily gone on breathing in and out and facing each day as it comes without any of the items I found unattainable during yesterday's store visit.
But there was one thing that had to be gotten for tonight's dinner and that made the triek to another store justifiable.

Spent some of today listening to a bunch of old song demos I'd recently come across while de-cluttering my flat.
So many songs.
Written alone or with regular Nashville writng partners like Leroy Preston and Michael Snow.
All kinds of material.
Country, pop, blues, ballads.
I've pulled a few of them out at solo shows now and again over the years.
Doesn't Take A Lot To Make Her Cry, That's All It Takes To Make Money, Tomorrow Road are the ones come to mind.
Some were even recorded, like Crashing Down, Standing As Tall As I Can, Sinking Ship, She Don't Care and a handful of others.
Several of the demos sound dated, but that's just the music moving with the times.
The songs themselves are whole and, in many cases, still relevant, no matter what style they were to be done in today.
Gives me ideas.
All back burner stuff with everything that's already staring me in the face for this year.

Looked lovely earlier.
By the time I got out it was starting to become disagreeable.
Right now it's absolutely pissed off and letting everyone know about it.
I'm in.
Let 'er blow. ~


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