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How unlucky can it be? It's one of the two days off that we have left on the tour...
I haven't been blogging much about the shows recently.
Sev's been covering it pretty well, and, besides, I can't say all those wonderful things about ME, now, can I?
The shows have really all been a blast!
I try to make every night as different as possible, but still retain the dynamic and movement that is so crucial to staging a great show.
The band has been excellent at giving me the room to let it ebb and flow, but when it comes time to LAY IT DOWN, that they do and verrrry well.
The venues have all been packed to the rafters and the audiences could not be warmer, more responsive or more enthusiastic than they have been.
Nice to 'meet and greet' after the show. It adds another 30-45 minutes to an already lengthy evening, but it's worth it.
Lovely to hear so many of them say how much they miss my 'solo' material.
I'll be getting back to that stuff sooner or later.

Taped a piece for the BBC Southeast News at soundcheck today.
They showed it just before 7PM. In a rare fit of confidence, I watched it backstage with some of the band and crew.
'What could they possibly show or say that I won't like?' I thought.

Uh...I'll let Sev's basic comment stand for me too.
Hard to believe we're down to under 10 shows (see how I avoided actually having to know how many we have left?).
Probably more work than I've ever done on a tour, between the press, radio, TV and concerts, themselves.
All I can say is 'PHEW!!!' and take another deep breath.
The legendary Saturday morning UK TV show, 'Tis Was', is doing 'an audience with' type show featuring the original cast and crew and many of the people that were on the programme over the years. They've asked me to be in the audience.
I did the show several times, with Ray and alone, after he left the band.
Pretty cool to be included in the festivities.
No idea when it's to be 'on the air', but it's taped the day after the tour ends.
Of course, we'll let you know when we do.

Then, it's Copenhagen, a few days later, for the Tivoli gardens gig.
That should be fun and enlightening.
My trip to the US has been postponed, but the single release of 'Shine Son' and the album (a composite of my two studio albums - 'OOTD' and 'OOTLO') have not.
Wasn't going over to do shows this time anyway. More just to break some new/old ground and meet and few of the 'right people'.
Seemed better to wait awhile to go, for several reasons and, truthfully, I'm not dying to travel overseas unless my time can be utilized well and my presence there maximized.
I have other things I can be thinking about.
Like my next solo album.
I have the songs. Have to find the time and place to record them.
'Alone With...' shows in Ireland in October?
Maybe a few solo UK shows around the same time?

Australia is still looking good for the end of the year.
No details yet. I wouldn't look at 'em if we had 'em!
OK. That's it from me for a bit.
Enjoy my day off...



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