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is that even a thing anymore?
Is it a superstition that has carried on?
Like not putting new shoes on the table or walking under ladders?
If I had to guess I'd say that people younger than myself...
OK, let me stop here and say that I'm having a hard time knowing what to call the younger generation when I speak of them as relates to me.
I won't say 'the kids'.
That seems a bit broad for the wide cross section of people I mean.
I always hated when rock bands referred to their audiences as 'the kids' even as they and their fans got older.
So demeaning.
II's the kind of dliemma that being unclear on what the gender accepted casual alternative word for 'women' is at any given time has presented men everywhere.
Girls? (As in 'Now can I have just the girls sing the chorus???')
Ladies? (As in 'Ladies? Are you ready to sing???)
I personally have been admonished for using either.
Or is it both?
Seems like 'both' would imply you used them in the same instance tho, wouldn't it?
(I have no 'As in' for this one.)
Digressing my ass off today, no?
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Friday the 13th, ill placed shoes or ladders carry no omenous connotations for younger people.
For the record, I also am not concerned one little bit about the date.
The number has always been a comfortable one for me.
Not a 'lucky' number, as such, unless you count the fact that my mother was born on the thirteenth day of her birth month and, nineteen years later, so was I.
Are births considered strokes of luck even tho they are the result of something you actually did nine months prior?
From what I remember hearing as a kid, mine wasn't.
Good grief!
I think you can probably tell there was a definite track I was heading down when I started this post, right?
A few times I found myself boarding another train of thought.
I have hopped off now, just short of having to pay for another ticket.

Happy F13!!!
If you're of an applicable age, try not to worry.
Everyone else can...oh, sorry...you're already not listening. ~


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