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There's this strange little film called Double Take of which I could never explain the premise in a million years other than it involves Alfred Hitchcock and a double and is loosely, very loosely, based on Sir Alfred's penchant for making quick cameo appearances in many of his films -  walking his dogs, loading a doublebass onto a train, things like that.
Anyway, Double Take has been available On Demand for a while now and today I decided to watch it.
There is an AH impersonator in the film.
Ron Burrage.
A fella who sort of looks like the man and does personal appearances at various events and for special projects (like this film).
During an interview with Mr Burrage, since deceased, he mentioned that he and Hitch had the same birthday.
August 13th!
A nice, neat little coincidence.
The kind that makes people believe that things happen for a reason.
They don't.
But this was cute, dontcha think?
Enough to spend typing for a few minutes anyway.
I almost added Sir Alfred to my birthday thread post, but figured since my knowledge of the occasion came with an anecdote, it would be better done here. ~


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