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Well, 4 more shows. Tonight, (night off...pant, pant) and then 3 more.
Tough schedule. Hard work.
The fellas have been absolutely THE BEST!
They have all given 150% every single show.
Gonna miss the personal and musical comraderie, but we will be doing it again in Copenhagen, once in August, at a festival in Ireland and, later in the year Downunder.
I know they all have lives and other projects and commitments, but I truly hope we can come together as a band, frequently.

Having said that, it looks like I will be doing about 20 'solo' shows around October. 5 in Ireland, including 'The Waterfront' in Belfast and about 15 or so more around the UK.
No details yet. Soon, I would imagine.
Looking forward to the 'Tis Was' reunion on April 23rd.
Met Roger Gorman, ex-Scaffold - (sorry Roger, we're all 'EX' something) the other night at L'pool. He's a good friend of Andy's (as a matter of fact, Andy will be back at St Georges Hall in May with Mr Gorman), poet extraordinaire and one of the original 4 presenters on 'TW'.

He had already moved on by the time I was on the show.
The next day, I go home...for 2 days. Then to beautiful Tivoli Gardens in wunnerful, wunnerful Copenhagen.
They're expecting LOTS of folks for that day and show. That would be very cool.
Doing that show with hopes of getting back in and doing a whole tour in Denmark, seeing all the folks I haven't seen (and who haven't seen me) in decades.
I am on a quest to reclaim some territory now. Been too long.
As far as the USA, we are still planning to release the single (Shine Son) and album and I will be over to advance that. Just not sure when.
Should be sometime in the early Summer tho.
OK. Time to find some food.
I have done this tour mostly on Green & Black's chocolate (Have you tried the 85% cocoa dark? Omigoodness!) and muffins.
An omelette of some sort would be in order, I believe.
But, there I go, infringing on Sev's tour topic now.
Later all...
Oh yeah. Dartford should be a 'special' show. No...no hints!


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