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There are a lot of attractive features about today's electronic books, like the Kindle.
SONY has a nice one too.
It's not like the Ipod.
I can happily and confidently leave home without every recording I own.
But reading material is a different matter altogether.
You can store about 3500 books on these new thingies where I struggle to pack several when I travel, usually avoiding hardbacks for obvious health and safety reasons.
If you get the 3G version you can connect to the internet anywhere you are, find and order a book that is then downloaded onto your device in about 60 seconds.
That's like a cyber dream come true for a guy who finds himself in the middle of Dougie knows where but can still immediately purchase something new to read.

But, you know what?
I'm a f8cking dinosaur!
'Jurassic Den'.
Go on.
Say it.
What can I tell you?
I like the way they look, feel and smell.
How they look in shelves or stacked up so high next to my bed that I fear I'll be killed in an avalanche while I sleep.
I want to be able to flip pages ahead and see where the next break in the narrative or chapter end comes so I can place my bookmark in there and read up to it.
I don't want to scroll thru and read from an electronic device.
I really don't.
Now, on the more contemporary tip, the authorities (?) say they are hopeful that kids will start reading again if they find they can do it on some cool new gadget that is the envy of their mates.
Good grief!!!
Everyf8ckingthing becomes a competition once marketing gets involved.
I had a sports promoter in Nashville tell me as many as 30 years ago that he had this great idea to promote music just like they do professional wrestling.
He said he was going to go to Japan (not sure why there) and hold exhibitions where a number of bands would 'fight' each other for 'the title'.
He asked if I would be 'interested in something like that'.
I laughed out loud.
I said I didn't see where I'd even fit in to that plan.
I remember saying, 'What would I do? Try to out sensitive another songwriter?
Lyric him under into submission?
'Pummel him with melody?'
He didn't see the humor or my point.
It seemed to me like a crass, cheesy and creatively detrimental way to go about the business of selling music.

I don't know if that fella ever got his dream off the ground but - look around you - he was sure right about where it was all headed.
And I was right about it being crass, cheesy and creatively detrimental.
So, back to my original focus: I LIKE BOOKS!
I'm willing to sacrifice practical, blissful convenience for the tactile relationship I have with them.
I mean, come on.
It's like announcing that the good news is now we don't even have to prepare or bother to eat a great meal because we can just take a pill or a powdered drink that does the same thing, nutrition-wise.

Something is missing, no?
Siiiiigggghhhh...I know.
I'm a paleontologist amongst technological spacecowboys. ~


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