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Are we the better part of two weeks into the new year already?
I just had to go back and read my last entry on the 7th just to remember what I'd written.
I gave up posting anything about how I'm feeling because it was not relevant from one day to the next.
Hell, one hour to the next.
Started feeling better on Thursday and made the awful mistake of going grocery shopping.
It wiped me out for another day or so.
Still not 100%.
Maybe 75% in an upswing.
Sinus headaches are the order of the season this year.
Just thought I should check in and say...something.
Hope everyone has faired better than I have this year.
I am not cut out to be so incapacitated.
I know, it could be worse.
I've heard that about a zillion times.
Well, let me tell you, it sure doesn't feel that way when you're getting your ass kicked.
Hearing that it could be worse just makes you say 'HOW???'.
You'd rather believe that this is as fucking bad as it is going to get or can possibly get!

More touring news soon.
That just made my head hurt. ~


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