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David Bowie, huh?
Being the private person he always seemed to be and how little was really known about his personal life it comes as no surprise that he could manage to keep secret the seriousness of his condition until after he was gone.
What was and is an eye-opener for me is that he would consider that an aesthetic option.
To have his artist's eye on the staging of 'the end'.
It illustrates how dedicated the man was to his life as art and visa versa.
I didn't follow Bowie down every one of the many creative roads he traveled, but he did grab my attention plenty of times.
And always with something completely different than the last time.
Whether it was in music or film.
Young Americans, Scary Monsters.
The Man Who Fell To Earth, Labyrinth.
Now, we're struck with his sudden departure, but, apparently, not without him having left a poetic, moving record of his transition scattered throughout his final offerings, Lazarus and Blackstar.
David Bowie.
Truly and totally one of a kind.
His was an unconventioal life right to it's very end.

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