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In less than three hours I will be doing my first ever interview with Latin American radio.
W Radio Colombia.
They are calling me about 2:20pm, UK time, which is 9:20am in Bogota and on the US East Coast.
It will be broadcast live.
This is the link to listen on my Twitter page.
Tried to type it here but won't work.
I've heard a few of interviews they've done.
They've spoken to everyone under the sun, including Sirs Mick and Paul.
If mine is done the same way I will be asked a question and, once I've answered it, there will be a translation.
I hope Old Motormouth here can speak clearly and give fairly concise replies.
They may also play bits of some of the Hook hits in between.
I'll be chatting with one of the premier presenters in Latin America, Juan Pablo Calvas.
The programme is called Weekend.
Ought to be interesting.
For me anyway.
Certainly is cool to be breaking sime new ground.
i've never played down there, solo or with Hook, but I know the band had big hits.
It seems like I've been struggling like hell to 'be somebody' and, in many places of the world, I'm already there.
Don't get me wrong.
The road I've been on has been rewarding.
I'm very proud of my solo work and everything I've done since the original band ended.
It just seems good logic to reacquaint everyone with the 'me' they know In hopes of inspiring some of them to take at look at the bits they may have missed along the way.
it feels like the right thing to do.
That's the only way I know to move forward.

That's it from me.
Today's 'to do' list -

1 Say hello to Latin America
2 Go grocery shopping

Life, huh? ~



Posts: 2,082
What a nice experience.
It felt as loose as any interview I've done in English, accept for the pauses while they translated.
Interesting questions, especially for a first interview.
I just felt sorry for the presenters, Daniela and Juan Pablo, having to turn my rough New Jersey accent into something lovely and fluid, but I think they did a great job and it seemed to go well.
I must admit it did my heart good to hear them laughing in the studio.
Communication completed then.

2. Go grocery shopping. ~


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