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I have been sitting in my lounge, trying to decide what I want to do about going out today.
The weather has been bright and sunny, pitch dark and raining and windy and chucking down hailstones all in the last 30 minutes.
So, that tells me nothing, really.
Except maybe to stay the hell home!

The band and I will be playing a festival in Demark in August.
It's a nostalgia type line up with Bonnie Tyler, The Searchers, me and a few more.
Will be nice to get back to Denmark after so many years away.
Details will be posted along with the Australian dates, as soon as possible.
I have recv'd some wild guesses as to what and where the aforementioned one-off gig in London will be.
There were some very imaginative stabs in the dark I must say, but none of them were correct.
There's some talk of an interesting possibility in the US over the summer too.
Just talk at the moment.
Will take a bit of discussion to see if it's something we want to do.
More when and if there is more about that.

Feeling a whole lot better, tho bits of crud and clag remain.
But, as I've said before, I live with that kind of malady every day of my life, so this feels pretty normal.

There's not much to do right now that doesn't require thinking and planning.
February should bring advance PR for NZ and OZ in the form of all night radio interviews, etc.
March will get me out on the road for a few days here in the UK.
Beginning of April will be for band rehearsals.
Third week in that same month we will be leaving for the other side of the planet.
By the way, those six shows in Australia are the only ones we will be doing this year, but 2016 could see us back down there and visiting other territories.
For once there is some forward thinking going on and much of it is coming to fruition.

OK, that's my story.
As always, subject to change, but only in as much as things could be added to the schedule, not removed.
At this point, if you see it listed on our tour page or in the newsletter, it's ON!

Cheers, m'dears. ~


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