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There really is no big mystery as to why so many entertainers of a certain age are leaving us.
The answer is time.
The baby boomer generation was responsible for the beginning of some of the biggest, most influential of them and we are now looking at the back end of that era.
There was a time when anyone in their late 60s was considered past their prime and were probably making plans to pack it in.
These days we're shocked when one of them passes.
Notice how you aren't seeing a lot of younger folks reeling at the deaths of Bowie or Frey?
To them it's a perfectly reasonable age for that to happen.
I can remember marveling at how old my grandparents were.
And I'm talking about when they were in their fifties.
Gotta love the boomers for changing that mindset.
But the time is coming for the youth to step up.
While they aren't daunted by 'the end'.
As I said several weeks ago, they will change the world.
And then it will change again.
And they'll be looking at their successors.
For the record, I feel fine.
And, so, onward I will go.
Tick tick tick. ~


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