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Nothing much to report.
Just checking in.
Feeling pretty much back to normal, as far as normal goes.

It's about time to be thinking about a setlist for NZ and Australia.
Seems like a long way off but the sooner I have an idea, the sooner I can pass it on to the band.
The way the show flows is the most important thing.
And that's the case no matter what songs are on the list.
There's no support so that means we'll have to plan an interval, but I don't see that format as two sets anymore than an actor would consider Act Two a second play.
You take the audience somewhere, leave the stage for a bit, come back and carry on as if you'd never left.

I am not in touch with what goes on in my old habitat, Nashville, Tennessee, much these days.
Every now and then a bit of news will find it's way to me.
I recently heard that a friend of mine, songwriter, Larry Henley, passed away sometime before Xmas.
Larry wrote so many great songs, but his calling card was Wind Beneath My Wings, a brilliant song that has been recorded what must be thousands of times and will continue to be reinterpreted in the years to come.
Larry and I spent a short period writing songs together in the late 80s.
We also did a lot of laughing.
Unfortunately, while a few of the tunes were demoed during the Out Of The Dark and One Of The Lucky Ones sessions, none of the tracks were ever finished or released.
Larry was a great lyricist.
He tended to write with musicians because he didn't himself play an instrument.
There was a bit of push and pull when we wrote together because I don't easily give up the reins on what a song says or how it's said.
But we did manage to write about a half dozen cool songs.
Maybe one or two will surface someday.
Larry once told me that It was my voice he would most like to hear sing Wind Beneath My Wings.
He wasn't the type to blow smoke, so that was a huge compliment, not only because so many major artists were jumping all over it, with Bette Midler having a gigantic international hit, but because the message of the song was deeply personal to him.
It was never in the cards for me to record the song, but it was lovely to know he felt that way.
The other memory of Larry that will always make me smile is the night he, not being a large man or one who was prone to violence, physically knocked someone down to the ground that he reckoned had recorded a crap version of his song.
He became a bit of a hero around town because he'd decked a person that quite a few people would have liked to clobber at that point in time.
Could still be true today for all I know.
You know what they say about a leopard.
Even an old one.
Anyway, RIP Larry Henley.
He was a true poet and a gentle soul (even tho the above story doesn't sound like it!).
Oh, and funny as hell!!!
I was glad to have gotten to know him as well as I did even for a relatively brief time.

I recv'd an email from the states today, sent to the 'dr hook days' address, from someone asking if I was still doing the question and answer thing.
Oddly enough, I have recently been thinking about that very thing, prompted mostly by how much Dr Hook is back on my mind these days.
For anyone who may not know, a few years ago I actively solicited questions from people about my experiences in the band and answered the ones I thought were the most interesting or unusual as candidly and honestlly as I could.
I think I left it at 50 Q&As in the end.
You can find them on the website under My Dr Hook Days.
If anyone has any questions relevant to the Hook days, feel free to send them to drhookdays@dennislocorriere.com and we'll see what's what.
Please try and make them more original than "How did the band get it's name?" (about a million!) or "Were you guys really as stoned as you looked?" (at least 5 million!!!)
And let's keep the queries Hook related.
"Are you still married and, if not, where is your ex living?" (Yes, that's an actual question I recv'd!) is not what I'd consider Hook related.
But, you know, come to think of it, I don't know where either of them live.

OK, that's it for me, for now.
Stay warm. ~


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