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Went to see Jason Isbell in Brighton on Monday.
I've mentioned him a few times on here and Twitter.
A wonderful singer/songwriter.
New hope for narrative writing.
A short story with a lovely melody.
He's had the same band members for years as far as I can tell and it shows.
Tight harmonies and strong, dynamic playing.
Mrs Isbell, Amanada Shires, was not present.
She's usually up there playing fiddle and singing.
They recently had a baby so that probably explains why she didn't make it over here this time.
She has a few albums of her own worthing checking out.
I can't say enough about Jason Isbell.
I suggest you check him out.
There are clips on YouTube, including a few documentary pieces, will tell you quite a bit about the guy.
But it's the music that will draw you in and let you know more about him and a little about yourself.
The venue was a stand up only place with a sold out crowd and a lot of folks that it seemed would rather push back and forth thru the crowd to the bar and spill beer on everyone in the process than appreciate the brilliance coming from the stage.
I hope the next time we see him it's in a proper theatre where we can sit and listen to the thoughtful lyric excellent musicianship.
By the way, JI is also a killer guitar player.

New dates coming in all the time.
Putting a tour together is not an easy endeavour.
Routing, scheduling, production and a wide rqnge of other facotors come into play.
Fortunately, I have a great team in Adrian, Sam, Claire and Handshake Ltd, our touring partner.

Having to review a bunch of new photos from a session we did just before the holidays.
Not my favorite part of the gig.
Having said that, we may have some pretty nice ones.
Relatively speaking, that is.
It's about time too.
Altho I'm goddam proud to report that I don't look much different than I do in the ones we've been using for awhile.
It's disconcerting when you see a poster or photo of an artist that makes them looks great but when they walk out onto the stage you think 'Oh, there must be a very old support act!'
Believe me, I know it's 'showbiz' but come ON!
Everyone can do the math!

We're creeping up to the weekend.
Cold as hell down here. ~


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