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I was going to type January 21st there for a second.
I have been a few days behind myself for the past week.
Ever since I started feelling better, I guess.
Probably my brain trying to give me back some of those non-days when I wasn't sure where I was.
It doesn't work like that, so January 24th it is.
I know I often say I have nothing to say but I'm here anyway.
Well, today I reeeeeeeeaaaaaally mean it.
Absolutely nothing to report.
Still working on a handful of tentative things for 2015 that we are attempting to nail down or relegate to the 'NEXT!' bin.
Also seriously looking at 2016 now.
We can't get go wrong planning way ahead, especially after so long with no direction at all.
Lousy things don't always just come careening out of nowhere and take us by surprise.
Many times we hear the train whistle, smell the smoke, feel the rumble of the engine in our stomachs and still allow that locomotive to run us down when we could have easily leapt off the track.
Usually because we were fearful of skinning a knee in the fall.
Ironic, no?
Anyway, lest I make a liar of myself by rabbiting on, I'm outta here.
Have a good weekend.
I may be back before it's over.
Right now the sun's out. ~


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