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What a lousy day it is where I am.
I don't mean a little wet and windy.
I'm talking about the kind of weather it would take an emergency to go out in.
Dark, blowing a gale, raining like someone's pissed off.
As I was writing the last poem I posted I kept thinking about how kind I was to the UK weather in a piece titled England In The Rain, from Whatever's Burning Now.
And that sentiment still holds true.
I love living here and the unpredictability of the weather is one of the things I still find charming.
I grumble about it, sure.
Try and stop me.
But the days we've been having are not typical.
This is some serious stuff blowing in from what must be the northern regions of hell.
I know they've gotten slammed in parts of the US with blizzards and deadly below freezing temperatures.
As a matter of fact a couple phone calls are on my list of 'things to do when you can't leave the premises'.
My father lives in Florida so I'm not too concerned about him.
He's probably laughing.
I'll give him a ring and let him gloat awhile.
My Aunt Gilda lives in New Jersey where they really got a lot of snow.
She's 90 and her husband, my uncle Sonny, is 92 and probably not getting out in it.
Everyone else in her string of siblings are long gone.
Passing at ridiculously young ages.
Uncle Bob, 51, Uncle Kenny, 52, Aunt Vivian, lived until almost 80 but had developed Alzheimer's in her late 50s, and my mother at 61.
I hope I'm walking around with whatever Gilda has in her system.
Then again, it could all be down to my uncle Sonny's charm, y'know.
She was telling me just a couple years back how they were standing on a street corner, waiting for the traffic light to change so they could cross.
When it did, Sonny grabbed her by the arm and, according to Gilda, made her run across the street.
She said she was bothered by how out of breath she was when they reached the other side.
Me, I was fucking blown away that she (and Sonny) actually did something you could call 'running' in their late 80s and I told her so.
How cool is that?!?
Yeah, I'll call in a bit.
What we're getting here seems to be the pissy end of that icy front.
This isn't England in the English rain.
This is something that's blown in from somewhere else.
It will eventually go away.

The UK tour is coming together.
Someone remarked that it would be easier for people to book tickets if all the dates were announced at the same time.
For us too.
But that's not the way things work.
Scheduling, confirmation and the like have caused the dates to come thru in bits but rather than wait for them all to be finalized before we announced any of them we reckoned it's better to let everyone know as they go on sale.
We really want to encourage more and more people to sign up to the newsletter.
It's impossible to get the tour Info out there on a one to one basis these days.
We've worked hard to get the newsletter to be a first port of call for information.
There have been a few glitches here and there, but, things were learned and remedied, and all in all, our communication with folks all around the world has only gotten stronger.
I, personally, like seeing that the dedication put into updating the website and it's features is doing what it's supposed to do.
I know it's very different from the old design.
Some people don't like change.
Hey, in many ways, I'm one of them.
I'm just old enough to have gotten comfortable with the way life was.
But, it's folly to try and compete in the modern world without employing new techniques.
Smoke signals ceased to be a viable form of communication when people stopped looking up in the sky for answers.
You have to cast your light where you know they're looking.
Well, I typed, hoping to look up and see a whole different day shining outside my window, but, alas, that shit ain't happening.
More, sooner or later. ~



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