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I've really been enjoying listening to the work of David Bowie.
I thought I'd let a lot of it get by me but I'm surprised at how much if it I'm familiar with.
Call it osmosis.
A good bit of it went in and stayed there.
I wasn't paying much attention to Bowie during his Berlin period.
I found the music very jarring and severe.
Exactly what I like about it now.
What a body of work.
I can't think of anyone else remotely like him unless it's someone who was trying to be him.
There are a few artists that made whole careers out of something Bowie wore to a party.

It was a pretty nice day yesterday but anything I did was done indoors, so I didn't really benefit, other than seeing sunlight streaming thru the windows.
It's not that great today altho it looks as tho it's struggling to improve.
I have to go out, weather be damned.
There a few things I have to do.

Almost one month gone of the new year.
What the fuck, huh? ~


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