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Well, the cold I had turned into full blown flu with all the crap that comes with it.
Fever, headaches, queasiness, aches, you name it.
Been laid out for most of last week and still only about 65% normal as I type.
I never have gotten flu jabs but I'm gonna start getting them next year.
This sucks!
Especially with all that I have coming up.
It sure doesn't make it easy to rest thinking about it all and not being able to getting off my back.
I hate being in bed at the best of times so this has me going crazy.

We've had a few minor glitches with the newsletter/mailing list but they are being dealt with.
Seems we need more member space to accommodate everyone that is trying to sign up, which is good news, so bare with us.
I sort of jumped the gun posting what I did on the guestbook, but it should be sorted soon and, once it is, we'll be rockin'!
The merchandise page should be up soon too.
There will be CDs and cartoon prints available to start with.

That's it from me for now.
Hopefully, the next time I post I will be on my feet.
Cheers, folks! ~


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