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Glad to see that the newsletter has started landing in inboxes all around the world.
Anything worthwhile will have a few bugs to work out.
Speaking of bugs to work out I'm feeling a whole lot better tonight.
Pushed it a bit today and was the worse for it for several hours but it seemed like my inner ear messing with my equilibrium more than anything else.
Tonight I only feel like I have a miserable cold and not like death on a shitstick.

If you get the chance to see I Am Ali, a brilliant documentary on one of the greatest athletes and most inspirational human beings on the planet, don't miss it.
It's available on On Demand Movies or you can buy it for about the same as the rental price in some unlikely shops.
Found mine at Superdrug, of all places.
Had to buy it because I'm a sucker for the extras.
It's the man's often told story, but presented in a completely different way.
Great interviews with his children, ex-wives, friends and rivals and lots of home audio recordings, of which Ali was fond of making because, as he himself points out, it's history and we never know how interesting or important it is while we're living it.
A very emotional piece of work, but, then, I've always adored the man.

OK, I'm gone, just in case I'm pushing it again. ~


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