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Man, this year's flu is a bitch!
Been suffering since last Wednesday and still not right.
As soon as I start to feel a little more like a member of the human race, which is sometimes not all that noble a goal to aspire to, it comes raging back.
Strange thing is that even tho these kinds of things usually seem so much worse at night, I begin to perk up the later it gets.
Must be true what they say about old habits.
Fortunately, I have not had much to do during the days with the exception of a few email to which replies were necessary.
I think I'm going to have to realistically give it the rest of this week before I even attempt to walk into town.
It's too easy to overdo things and, in my case, I'm straining at the bit to get my ass in gear, so I'm struggling to be cautious.
Deep breaths.

We've had a wonderful response to the newsletter, I'm happy to announce.
The merchandise page still needs a few preliminary steps to be taken care of before it goes up on the site.
All boring stuff, like establishing postal rates, worldwide, and providing a 'returns' policy, etc.
It all seems like it should be simple, but, if it was, it would have be up and running already.
While I'm on the subject of how much work the website can be, today is Sam's birthday.
She'll probably grimace when she sees I've mentioned it because she prefers to remain 'behind the scenes', but TOO LATE!!! I've gone and done it now.

OK then. Nothing else I can report but my temperature and I don't feel like taking it.
I'm gonna guess and say it's lower than it has been but higher than it ought to be.
One of the worse things is that all the medication I've had to take just to try and rest is making me feel it's own kind of lousy.
I'm just pleased there were no antibiotics involved on top of everything else.
Who says you need to join Facebook to whinge, huh?

More touring news coming soon. ~


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