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I'm getting the distinct feeling that folks in the UK are waiting for us to announce more dates for 2015.
The truth is, that except for one 'special appearance' later in the year (TBA soon), the dates on the schedule will be the only ones I do in the UK this year.
A decision had to be made and there is solid and sound reasoning behind the direction we chose, which is to take my show to places I haven't been in awhile.
Hence, the world tour scenario.
This does not mean that we will try to cover the globe in one year.
This is an ongoing campaign to visit as many territories as is possible over the next few years, with the UK being a part of that plan.
Just not this year.

Still waking up feeling congested and yucky but it seems to get better as the day goes on now rather than worse.
It's been about a week of crud, but it seems so much longer.
Like one of those frustrating dreams where you want to run but keep slipping back.
Should be feeling a little fitter every day from here.

Hope everyone is getting used to the new year.
I've hardly had the time or head to settle into it.
I'm sure it will hit me right between the eyes soon. ~


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