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Been to see a couple of movies in as many weeks.
Last Sunday it was Amy, the documentary about Amy Winehouse.
The theatre was virtually empty.
I've said it before but I don't think Ms Winehouse's generation appreciated or even knew what they had in her and what she could have meant for them, culturally.
She was a real artist in a business full of lap dancers and lip-synchers.
A deep writer in an age of "Hey, screw the lyrics! Let's dance!!!"
Backed by a soulful group of musicians in a time when young audiences don't even care if there are any players up on the stage with the singer, as long as there are a half dozen stripped down dancers, writhing behind them.
Amy Winehouse was the real, from the heart deal in a time when everything is contrived, manufacured and mass produced.
But, if you stop to think about how little regard it appeared she had for her own talents, you can see why her audience got over her demise as quickly as they did.
She didn't leave much of a body of work when she departed.
In the US, her Back To Black album is it, really.
You do come away with the realization that it wasn't drugs that killed her.
She dabbled in the hard stuff to feel closer to her degenerate boyfriend, but she was happy with a little weed.
And alcohol.
That was what did her in.
The drinking.
And her own darkness.
The film is definitely worth seeing, but doesn't necessarily require big screen viewing, so a future rental would suffice.
Now, one that should be viewed on a larger scale is Jurassic World.
I, like many, was blown away by the original Jurassic Park.
I remember saying "Well, there's nothing they can't do now".
But my interest waned over the next two sequels.
You've seen one raptor, you've seen a pack of the buggers.
The latest chapter in the Jurassic saga has gotten great reviews, with everyone agreeing that it does the trick in revitalizing the franchise.
The premise is that the once incredible park has been open for awhile and people are starting to get bored with the whole idea of dinosaurs.
Attendance ihas seriously dropped.
They may as well be heards of cows or elephants rather than brontosaurus or triceratops.
It's all gone from astounding to a bit of a yawn.
It's up to the genetic experts to come up with something new and 'dangerous' that will get the folks back into the park.
Sort of like the purpose of this film and cinema goers.
There are some very cool new creatures and, if you thought the CGI was seamless before, this is brilliant.
But, I think they were right on the money with their premise - once you've seen it, you've seen it.
Bit of a yawn, sadly.
By the way, there were about as many people at Jurassic World as there were at the Amy Winehouse documentary.
Less than a dozen, I'd say.
As far as film, in general, I'm looking forward to seeing Love And Mercy, the Brian Wilson biopic.
I hear the sound is particularly great on that one so it may have to be another cinema experience.
I think Amy Schumer is a very funny person and I'm hoping her self penned screen debut , Trainwreck, is up to her usually clever, cutting edge standard.
Not sure that can't wait until it's on a smaller screen tho. ~


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