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Today was gonna be a gym day, but I had a few things to address, phone and email-wise, and it's pissing down on and off out there.
Two excellent reasons to exercise my license to be lazy, if little else..
I do feel a bit guilty for not going so that tells me that I'm starting to take it somewhat seriously.
I will do it tomorrow.
Those five words would be tattooed on every procrastinator's arm if they could just get around to having it done.
As a footnote to my ramblings about Jurassic World in yesterday's entry let me just say that when I first saw Jurassic Park I thought about those images for days.
With JW there have been a few times when I've thought "Oh yeah, saw that didn't I?"
Don't get me wrong.
It was brilliantly done.
We just happen to be in the age of THE BIG SO WHAT.
I had the feeling all along that technology would relegate some truly amazing things to the yawn pile.
And just at a time where the word 'amazing' is spewed forth about things like chewing gum or a singer.
The word does not mean what it used to mean.
Another example is any four or five people miming and dancing next to each other on a stage are now called a 'band'.
And every female singer with a loud voice, wearing a fancy dress, is a 'diva'.
Conveniently hijacked terms.
Why would you watch someone juggle 20 balls in the air when, thanks to CGI, you could see them juggle 20,000?
And even that would be like, eh.
When everything is amazing, nothing is.
And it's time to find a new adjective.

Looking at having Whatever's Burning Now reprinted on Post Cool Press soon and make it available from our website.
I've just begun thinking about another book of poetry and what not.
I have to see what I've already written.
The first group of poems were done slowly, over time.
It makes it a satisfying piece of work for me because it all happened naturally and it's cool to see it collected in one place.
There is no way to 'try' and finish a project like this.
There is no self imposed deadline that wouldn't kill it.
Hell, I didn't even know WBN was 'finished' until I was contacted by a publishing house that said 'Love this, let's do it!'.
Now that I know a second book is a viable idea I still have no choice but to assess where I am and, if it ain't cooked, I won't serve it.
As far as cartoons, I draw a few almost every day.
I have books and books to choose from.
I would not be lacking in the cartoon department if I discovered I had enough poetry to present in another book.
I even have a title.

Wow! It's 4:35pm.
Today has flown by.
Got up around 9 this morning.
I have no idea what time I actually go to sleep anymore.
I usually drift off in front of the TV sometime after 2-3am and eventually wake up just enough to stumble into bed.
Not certain of the hour - I don't even look anymore, unless I have to be somewhere in a few hours - but I usually hear birds singing and see a glimmer of sun thru the blinds.
I may be getting more sleep than I think, however fragmented and erratic my pattern is.
But I'm always awake by about half 7-8, even if I don't get right up, and feeling like I ought to make a move not long after.
When I tour my day is pretty much laid out for me and I work my idiosychrancies around my schedule.

The weather outside still sounds challenging and, because of that, I will give going out a total miss today.
I'd enjoy the fresh air but wouldn't welcome the full force of it in my face. ~

P.S. My home phone just rang.
I don't get unscheduled calls on my landline.
Usually just radio interviews, where they need a good signal, and a couple of close friends in the US.
I didn't pick up.
I never do.
That's what answering machines are for.
No one identified themselves and no message was left, but there was a number.
I called it back, out of curiousity.
I got a recording that asked if I'd like to have my 'oven professionally cleaned'.
Wondering if I should report it as a euphemistic obscene phone call. ~


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