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Man, what the hell is going on?!?
It's like all the worse people in America have been just waiting for the OK to be dickheads.
And now they've gotten it.
Over a bullhorn.
And folks who would never have resorted to violence a few short years ago are now having to defend themselves against the ones relishing in the permission they believe they've been given.
I'm not talking about politics here.
Every one of those monkeys can say whatever they want to say.
No matter how racist, hurtful, hateful, misleading or inconsiderate it is.
But it wouldn't mean jackshit if there was no one to take up their negative ideology and act on it.
You can't blame a scumbag for looking for a forum to spew his or her bile.
It's when others get covered in their muck and, rather than be outraged, they wear it like the designer suit they reckon they've always deserved.
And the assholes who lied to everyone about almost everything for so long because they didn't believe we could handle the truth are the ones who now have good, rational citizens saying 'Fuck this same old shit now! Time for a change!'.
And to hell with what that change means.
As long as it's different.
But, really?
You sure you don't want to think that thru another time?
Or maybe even once?!?
Rather than to react out of frustration and end up with something no doubt different but not necssarily with our long term best interest in mind.
I am not one to go on about my political or religious views.
To each his own.
Let's try not to kill each other over our varying opinions, but, yeah, everybody has or should have freedom of choice
But where's the logic today?
Or the compassion?
Or the basic humanity?
I swear you can start to feel like a chump.
A pussy.
A weakling.
Simply for wanting conditions to get better.
Scoffed at for refusing to shut up and accept that they never will.
Or worse, for not pretending that it's all just fine and dandy the way it is.
It's not just the US.
The whole world is freaking the fuck out!
And, of course, we are witness to so much more of it every day on TV and the internet than we used to be.
The UK seems to mirror much of what occurs in America and, in some cases, the other way round.
Thankfully not as far as gun violence goes.
It's getting so bad in the US it's hard to believe.
And yet gun laws are still hotly debatable.
But you can see cracks appearing in the frozen lake over here too.
Time was the rest of the planet looked to the US and UK for strength, guidance, resolve and calm.
Good luck to us all, huh?
I tend to believe this staticky, heated climate has been coming, most likely in the planning, for a while.
But it's all that much harder for the powers that be to keep secrets for very long these days.
And why would they even want to when it seems they can piss somebody off, hand them a weapon and point them towards a target with pretty compelling results?
In the grand scheme of 'all things political' I'd probably be classed in the 'moron' category.
I just know, on any given day, how I feel.
And I have never in all my life felt as worried and jumpy about the world around me as I do now. ~


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