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So glad I went to the gym yesterday because I won't have the time to go again until the middle of next week.
Have a few things to do on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday I'm in to London to get ear moulds done for inner ear monitors.
This will mean that I will no longer have to have a speaker onstage to hear myself.
I will hear everything as if I'm in the studio with the band and that will offer more control over the mix of music I sing to.
Everyone else on the stage is using inner ear monitors and swear by them.
They say that it helps preserve your hearing.
I don't think mine is too bad, even after years of stage singing over loud music, but I may as well try and keep it that way for as long as possible.
Of course, ambient microphones will have to be set up in the house to enable me to hear the audience.
I would not be happy if I could not interact with the folks out there.
So there's another adjustment for me to make.
There are a few stages of life that we go thru.
The one that ended for me about 5-6 years ago is called 'Reinvention Or Stagnation'.
It's the period that begins around 40 something where you either stay as you are or decide to make some changes.
Given that I moved to another continent and began a whole new phase of my life at 50 I suppose I'm right on target.
The phase I moved into in the past few years (and so did you if you're my age) is called 'Dignity Or Despair'.
I know it sounds depressing and I guess it could be.
All depands on how you choose to move ahead.
I think I'm also pretty much on course for this phase too.
And I think (hope) it's obvious, at least so far, which direction I've chosen to go in.
Anything can change without warning, especially at this time of life, but the new band, touring, gym, etc etc etc is my bid for Dignity.
Believe me, the potential for Despair is always looming, but I would rather run the machine until it stops than sit around waiting for it to shut down.

Lovely day out there today.
Gonna walk, read, walk some more.
Here's wishing everyone a nice weekend, wherever you are.


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