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Here we are, just a toe into July, and the weather is actually acting like it.
Seasonally appropriate conditions are not a given.
It was sunny and hot down here on the southeast coast today.
I spent some of the day, indoors, at the gym.
Ohhhhhhhh, I don't have much to report about that yet.
I'm starting slowly.
Been twice in three days.
Thirty five briskly paced minutes on the treadmill, a couple hundred tummy crunches, a few light hand weights and I'm done.
It almost seems like a whole lot of nothing, but I should factor in the two mile walk there and another two back, with my gym bag on my shoulder, every time I go.
It's not like I roll out of bed and onto a stationary bike.
I have to trek to the equipment first.
Believe me, I took this all into consideration before I plopped my membership money down.
In fact, I considered the walking a part of the routine right from the jump.
I know I'll extend my workout before too long, as I get comfortable with the surroundings and find a few other bits I think will be beneficial.
Right now, it's getting used to going that is my biggest challenge.
I reckon three days a week, maybe four, if I'm feeling ambitious.
This is simply so I don't go from 'being lazy' to 'pushing it' overnight.
It's the downtime that can make my job more difficult if I don't start thinking about it now.
In the end, I just need to subsitute one discipline for another.
OK, enough.
I don't feel even a tiny bit fitter for having typed all that. ~


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