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Off to the gym in a bit.
Looks to be a pretty lousy day outside.
Would love to skip it but the deal with trying to develop a discipline is that you do it, even when, no, especially when you reeeeeaaaaally don't feel like it.
I've only gone once this week because of other commitments.
I am trying to avoid the weekends, when it's crowded.
I go at a time the place is just about empty, except for the swimming pool.
Wish I would have gotten into swimming when I was younger but I just never cared that much about it.
I'm just not a water person.
I even hate baths.
Don't get the point of them.
They're not relaxing.
They're boring.
It's a shower, maybe even a long one, for me.
You rinse off whatever is on you that is making you need a shower.
Not just lie there in it.
I've heard it said that taking a shower after the bath Is the solution to that.
I just skip the luxuriating part.
Didn't grow up in a house that had a bath tub.
Just a tiny shower.
Never felt deprived.
Also made me quick about it, knowing there was usually some adult waiting to get in there next.
I intend to check out the sauna and steamroom at the gym today..
I hear it's uni-sex which doesn't thrill me.
Means you have to sweat with your clothes on.
Or some coverage anyway.
Used to go to school with a kid named Freddy that would shower with his shorts and t-shirt on after gym and put his clothes back on over them, still wet.
Yes, they would soak thru and he would look ridiculous.
But, to him, that was better than getting naked in front of the other boys.
Go figure, huh?

Only a couple of weeks until the Danish festival (historical segue there).
Looking forward to seeing and playing with my terrific band.
And, with the way time is absolutely raaaaaaaacing by these days, Australia is just around the corner.
Nothing else to report, really.
Always something in the works, but I learned a long time ago not to profess my love for anything until I know if it loves me back.
And certainly not to go announcing anything until the ink dries on the document.

Seven month into the new year.
How is that possible?
I still have paper cuts from wrapping Xmas gifts.
Actually, that's a lie.
I hardly ever wrap gifts.
They look so friggin' bad after I do.
Give a chimpanzee some wrapping paper and tape and me a banana and he will have the bow in place by the time I work out how to 'start this f8cking thing!'.
I could discredit a £1000 present with a messy £1 wrap job.
I usually just hand it over in it's natural packaging.
That way they can tell they hate it IMMEDIATELY!!!
OK then.
Time to get myself together (he says for maybe the 100,000th time in his life, fearing that this time it may very well be an impossible task!). ~


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