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Hey, everyone!
Remember me?
Well, either you do or you took a massively wrong cyber-turn somewhere.
I see we have a few new Australian guestboookers trying to catch up with the last 15 years of my life and times.
Or longer, if you factor in YouTube and all the remnants and relics that can be unearthed online.
Welcome aboard, good luck, you must be kidding, thanks a lot and everything else that applies.
I've been enjoying the nice weather.
It hasn't been without it's shockingly sudden thunderstorm now and then, but for the most part, I ain't complainin'.
I've started several books after the Tyson bio, but none of them are what I want to read at the moment.
I thumbed thru a few more biographies - Tommy Cooper, Robert F Kennedy, The Band (the band of the same name) - and a true crime account of the gangster underworld in Los Angeles in the 30s and how it affected the motion picture industry.
All books I want to read.
But not right now.
I have been so uncharacteristically taken by the Game Of Thrones series that I decided to give the first novel a wander thru.
There are seven in all.
I'd heard and read a lot about how much the books inspired the series and I'm curious to see how it reads.
So far the story and characters are basically the same but I know the series strives to move in it's own direction and be 'inspired by' the books and not slave to them.
We'll see if I can get thru a couple thousand pages of something somebody made up.
Not likely, but remotely possible.
Speaking of fantasy, we went to see the latest Planet Of The Apes film.
I enjoyed the first one and thought this was a pretty cool sequel.
The CGI is unbelievable and the 3D (yup, you heard me!) really added to the depth of the landscapes, of which there were many.
I've read some bad reviews of this latest one and thought they were a bit unfair.
It might have gotten a little silly when the apes spoke, but, given the fact that they conversed in perfect English and wore futuristic clothing in the original POTA series, this recent approach was certainly bearable. 
Carrying on with the 'unbelievable' theme, I continue to recv email asking if I'm going to be appearing at the 'Dr Hook' concerts that are popping up throughout October here in the UK.
If the shows are being billed correctly they should be selling them as 'Dr Hook Featuring Ray Sawyer', so let's address that bit first.
Why in f8ck would I take part in a version of Dr Hook that 'features' anyone but myself???
I mean, come on!
I'd have to be crazy!

Now, if the shows are being sold as 'Dr Hook' then they're being billed incorrectly and, dare I say it?, illegally and it would be somewhat reasonable to assume I might be there.
In any case, I won't be there.
Not onstage, backstage, in the audience or even circling the venue in a police van.
In other sideways 'Hook' news, some of you might have heard about a Shel Silverstein bio pic being in the early stages of production.
You can Google it.
I'm not gonna say too much.
No, I don't have anything at all to do with it.
If you knew where the source material for the project originated that would not surprise you.
It has crossed my mind that they might have to cast actors to play some of the members of Hook.
That ought to be interesting.
And frightening.
Been watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.
Pretty cool, in good part due to it's unpredictability.
That scores a lot of points with me these days, in an era where you can see most plotlines coming down Sixth Avenue.
OK, that's it for now.
If I forgot anything I'll drop it in.
Later, friends. ~


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