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Well, the UK tour continues to sell well.
Very nice to see.
So much to do before the shows actually start.
Some of it isn't even really tour related.
Just things I'd like to get behind me before the road stretches out ahead.
The past week was lovely and sunny.
Today, not so much.
Not much to do this weekend, I'm happy to say.
There is very little time to switch off when a tour is looming.
Whatever needs to be addressed on Monday is rolling around in your head all Saturday and Sunday.
Already looking at next year, with a view to the year after that.
I expect to have more radio coming up.
I know I will be talking to Liverpool's legendary Billy Butler sometime soon.
Billy's always been a great friend.
And I think we all know how I feel about that city!
Reading a few biographies.
Keep going back to Elvis Costello's Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink
He didn't lay his story out chronologically, so dipping into it is fun.
If I hadn't bought a giant paperback copy in Australia I'd be thru it already.
It's just too big to take everywhere.
Also reading Divided Soul about Marvin Gaye.
Sad, disturbing.
A troubled guy., but, oh my, what a talent.
Listening to XTC a lot lately.
The remastered reissues include so many cool bonus features.
Demos, rehearsals, videos, unreleased tracks, alternate takes and mixes.
OK, gonna make a move.
Need groceries, etc.
Hope everyone is keeping well and managing to find a little happiness and peace in this ridiculously turbulent time. ~


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