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I have to admit, and I've probably said as much before, the 4th of July has never been one of my favorite American holidays.
I am not a fan of events that include fireworks or explosions of any kind.
It doesn't frighten me.
It annoys the shit out of me.
That kind of loud, violent form of celebration is very popular, however.
We beautiful human beings are basically warring animals and a sensational display of 'bombs bursting in air' always brings out our sense of pride.
Ah, but it is a day off.
As it falls on a weekend this year, was it yesterday or is it Monday?
And the weather is usually good and perfect for cookouts and other outdoor activities.
So, whatever you do to celebrate, have fun, but be careful, particularly watching out for the crazy bastards who tend to use the 4th as an excuse to down a fifth and risk lives.
Me? I'm going for a walk. ~


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