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Leaving for rehearsal in London in less than two hours.
You know, these Leadbelly songs are funny things.
There are some that have become well known thru the many covers that have been recorded over the years.
Then there are the more obscure ones, like the ones I'm doing.
Leadbelly had a tendency to sing and play wherever and whenever it made sense to him.
Listening to him do some of his most popular songs you realize just how much formal arranging they needed for them to become the standards they are considered to be today.
Some of the covers are virtually unrecognizable when compared to the originals.
I woke up at 6am this morning with all sorts of arrangement ideas going thru my brain.
Just have to get with the houseband and see what we can do.
We only have a couple of hours to pull the songs together.
I know I will feel so much better on the way home than I will on the way there.
After this show on the 15th, I have the festival in Denmark with my band and then a stretch of time before we head to Australia.
But, first things first.
I'll be back with more later. ~


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