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In my younger days, I never would have imagined that being this age would be anything like it is.
It's not bad at all.
The only spectre it raises is the knowledge that it can't last forever.
I know that you can at any point, no matter your age, fall prey to so many terrible things.
The difference is that when you're younger you don't fucking anticipate them happening as much.
And that's what being young is all about.
That deliciouslly deluded state where you think that life goes on indefinitely.
Being able to roll forward and damn the consequences.
After a number of setbacks, crashes and disappointments you learn that it doesn't always work out in your favor.
This stifles you in some ways and frees you in others.
No sense trying to give examples.
The dynamic is easily applied to most everyone's situation.

Thanks again to everyone who acknowledged my birthday.
I had a lovely, lowkey day yesterday, spent with people that matter to me.
Looking forward to the Leadbelly show tomorrow night.
Been on my mind for so long now it will be great to actually DO it. ~


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