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A great night in a legendary, beautiful venue, full of people ready to see a wonderful lineup of artists (that I sincerely hope I added to) and all for a great children's charity, Shooting Star Chase.
It was a long day as I expected it to be.
It did afford me the opportunity to meet a few people and reconnect with several that I'd met a long the way.
Shared a dressing room with Eric Burdon and Walter Trout.
You'll know EB as the powerful voice of The Animals.
Well, the guy still has that voice!
He was very sweet, altho you never lose the feeling that he could easily clock someone he didn't care for.
We'd exchanged a few friendly words during the course of the day and I was thrilled to meet the man.
At some point, someone said "Eric, you remember Dr Hook and The Medicine Show, dontcha?".
He looked at me, smiled and said "Seriously? Was that you?" and sang "On the cover of the Rolling Stone!".
So fucking cool.
You can see a photo of the two of us on my Twitter page.
Tell me I don't look like a kid backstage at an Animals show!
I really don't want much, never have.
Didn't start playing or singing because I thought it would make me rich or famous.
I just liked the way it felt.
But the 'full circle' events, like playing with Bill Wyman and finding out that he was a Hook fan and had actually brought his family to see us in the early days and now meeting EB and hearing the voice of The House Of The Rising Sun sing a line from a Hook song to me really make this child of the 60s happy.
The audience seemed genuinely pleased to see me when I was introduced.
My two songs, Last Go Round and Take This Hammer, went very well, despite the silly arrangement mistake I made in the first one.
The band brilliantly went with me, so no one was the wiser, and all came good in the end.
Stand out sets for me were EB and Walter Trout, both my roommates.
Walter is a fucking KILLER guitar player that has had some bad luck and health problems over the years, teetering near death for the last two.
Well, let me tell you that I've never seen someone as far away from dying as I did when he was up there and I told him so.
A real monster.
The audience gave him a lovely welcome and ovation at the end.
He deserved every second of it.
Walter is originally from New Jersey, as it happens, and our 'foreign' accents drew us to each other.
I hope I see him again sometime.
Someone took our photo too. Just have to remember who it was.
All in all, I thought it was a winning evening on all fronts and am really pleased to have been a small part of it.
Now I have the rest of June and all of July to leave showbiz in my suitcase.
Next stop, Denmark with the band in August.

I'm sure I'll find things to tell you in the the interim. ~



Posts: 2,082
I completely forgot to mention that a select few of the artists were lined up to meet the Countess of Wessex (I hope I got that right!) just before the show.
I was one of them.
Wasn't very formal. Just a hello and quick chat to each of us as she entered the RAH.
Then she went up the long staircase and we took a few beats and followed.
Show started about 5 minutes later.
My first, and possibly, only brush with royalty.
Oh, except for trying to leave from Invercargill airport as Prince Harry was arriving.
I made the NZ national TV news for that episode. ~


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