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Well, today is Paul McCartney's birthday.
So tomorrow must be Bryon Macleod's.
Bryon was a close friend of mine when we were in our teens.
Spent many hours together, listening to music and laughing.
Macleod was a funny guy.
Before we hit our twenties, he was gone.
Not deceased.
Just gone.
Nobody seemed to know where he went.
Some talk even went around about him being dead.
But others swore it wasn't true.
I managed to speak to his mother and older brother seperately, about twenty five, maybe thirty years ago, but they both were guarded and unconvincingly vague about where Bryon was.
The story I tend to believe, having known the guy pretty well, was that he got himself in little trouble and went underground.
In any case, he remains an extinct, mythological beast in the story of my life.
Macca and Macleod's birthdays are a day apart and both follow mine pretty closely.
One is the 18th and one the 19th.
I can get confused as to which is which, but, as I said, Sir Paul's is definitely today, sooooooo... ~


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