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Jeez, but hasn't the temperature dropped in the last couple of days?
Like we've taken a few steps back towards winter.
I'm learning (yes, at my age!) to deal with the shit that is in my power to handle and let the proverbial chips fall where they may as regards the things I cannot affect.
Those 'chips'.
I wonder if that's a gambling reference.
Or is it a bit of woodcutter philosophy?
No matter.
The weather is definitely out of my control.
Here in the UK, that means minute to minute, day by day.
All well on the tour front.
Lots of enthusiasm on social media.
And that's exactly where it becomes useful.
And, to some degree, necessary.
Helps you to throw the word out there and see where it lands.
Just like in your life, there are positive and not so positive things going on in mine.
The good stuff is terrific and the crap just makes it harder to enjoy it.
But, as someone dearest to my heart and mind said recently, I've never been a better position to be in this position.
That, my friends, is a fucking breakthrough of monumental proportions.
I hear birds singing outside.
Obviously, no one has made them aware that their cheerful warbling might very possibly not be a suitable soundtrack to some poor bastard's less than Disney day.
Of course, to other ears, those lovely sounds might be perfect!
Tweet, tweet or fuck off? ~


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