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What a lovely bunch of people packed into this venue!
It had been, as I said on Twitter 30 minutes before we qent on, a long strange day.
I was feeling the early checkout, the flight and the drive.
I had a less than rewarding experience trying to get something to eat at the place we were staying.
Let's just say it was more for people on holiday than it was for people who need to function and be somewhere at a certain time.
For example, the restaurant opened 15 minutes after we were scheduled to leave for the soundcheck and gig.
I'll say no more.
I also didn't find the time to get any rest.
So, after ironing my clothes, it was time to go.
But, you know, once I hit that stage and was greeted by such an enthusiastic welcome the toils of the day meant nothing.
The band, who did the same traveling and had to be dragging it as much as I was, were stellar.
Real pros.
Played and sang their asses off.
Again, we had three, maybe four generations of singing, smiling, laughing, dancing folks.
Enough to turn anyone's day around.
Well, anyone who relies on that kind of reception and response anyway.
Thanks to the Caloundra crowd for having that kind of positive power over us.
Two more shows.
May we storm it to the very last note!


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